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Mr.Zhao (General Manager)

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  The company was founded in 2006, is located in the East China Sea coast of Penglai Island, specializing in the production of automobile wiper blade, spark plug<
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Wiper Blade
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Wiper Blade
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Wiper Blade
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Price: No
Price: No
Suitable for theAudi A6
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Suitable for theBMW 3 Series
Price: No
Suitable for theMercedes-Benz S3
Price: No
Suitable for the307
Price: No
Suitable for theVolkswagen Bora
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Suitable for theFocus
Price: No
Suitable for theFORD MONDEO
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soft wiper characteristics

1, no bone and joint arc glass wipers, evenly coated membrane, pay carbon blade that blows quieter, more smooth, more clean.
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¡¤ soft wiper characteristics 2010/9/29
¡¤ Boneless Sheffield material and standard 2010/9/29
¡¤ Spark plug type table 2010/9/29
¡¤ Sheffield installation method 2010/9/29
¡¤ Sheffield instructions 2010/9/29
¡¤ Type of seat & Thread 2010/9/29
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Company :  Dsaishan Jinling Car Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Contact :  Mr.Zhao £¨General Manager£©  Á¢¼´Ç¢Ì¸
e-MAIL :
TEL :  86-0580-7678519
FAX :  86-0580-7678198
Mobile phones :  13656803139
Adds :  Daidong Industrial Development Zone.Daishan,Zhejiang,China
Zip Code :   316000
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